Content Upgrade Is the NEXT eMail list Building Strategy

Content Upgrade is a lead magnet or opt-in bride that is unique to a particular content - post or page. Content Upgrade unlike the generic site wide lead magnet tends to convert more visitors because it simply leverage on the interest and engagement created by a particular content to generate more leads and subscribers.

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Why ContentOptin Is the Smart Content Upgrade Plugin for You

Unlimited Content Upgrade

ContentOptin has no limitation in terms of number of content bonus, you can add to your site. You can create as many content upgrades as you desire.

Placement Tracker

Guess what ? ContentOptin don't just allow you to place multiple CTA placement, it also enables you track which CTA is converting.

Responsive Popups

ContentOptin's Popups are designed to be mobile responsive. It allows you to target both Desktop & Mobile Visitors.

eMail Integration

ContentOptin's Third Party Addons help integrate your Content Upgrades with MailChimp, Aweber, Convertkit, GetResponse. Thereby saving you the hassle of exporting to your email marketing platform.

Numerous Addons

ContentOptin has an array of addons designed to extend the core functionality of ContentOptin. Allowing you to achieve more than the core functionality

Advanced Statistic Insight

We understand the importance of data to your business. You can track your top performing content upgrades, impression, conversion, daily growth rate and number of optin per list.

Power Link

The power link of ContentOptin allows you to embed your content upgrade in form of link instead of the fancy box, thereby making it match with your content.

Customizable Popups

You can choose from list of popup template. Each template is highly customizable to suit your need and desire. You can add image, headline, privacy message & button text

Easy to Implement

ContentOptin enables you to implement Content Upgrade into your post and email through shortcode in less than 60 seconds

Data Ownership

Data is an important driver in the growth of your business and WordPress gives you the power to own your data. ContentOptin follows suit. We don't house your data on a third party server like most SaaS. YOUR DATA IS YOURS.

Inbuilt eMail List

ContentOptin comes with an inbuilt email list. Thereby allows you to save your email subscribers in your website. This can be exported for whatever purpose you want

Mulitple CTA Placement

ContentOptin increase your chance of converting more subscribers by allowing you place your ContentOptin Shortcode multiple times within the same page or post.

Standard Fancy Box

The yellow box has been a norm within the industry. ContentOptin enables you to display your content upgrades call to action through the standard industry yellow box.

Optimized for Speed

We understand that important of speed in your website SEO & Conversion strategy. ContentOptin was designed with speed in mind from tracking logging to design - You wouldn't notice the difference.

Reliable Support

ContentOptin is not just another software project. Behind ContentOptin is a team committed to its development and support. When you download ContentOptin or Purchase any Addon. You are not downloading a software but a SOFTWARE WITH SUPPORT.

Smart Content Upgrade Solution for WordPress

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