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21st Century Bloggers are Not Publishers

Yes, you read that right, probloggers are not publishers, they are not writers. In this post I will be exploring the core side of a 21st Century blogger that transcend beyond writing and publishing of content. It will help shape your perspective on what make successful bloggers who they are today.

Professional blogging has become a popular endeavour in the past few years, many in the bid to earn money online are buying into this idea. But at the same time, many have failed to earn a decent living from their blogging endeavour, while some are still struggling, failing to actualise the full potential of their blog.

Yes they hear stories of successful bloggers and still wonder what they are not doing right, you could this on lack of effective monetization, failure in traffic generation and some many other factors.

No doubt all these can contribute to the failure of a business blog, but the major cause is the failure to understand the basis of 21st century blogging (problogging). Many wannabe and struggling bloggers believe that problogging is all about making money from blogging. Yes this is truth, but not the complete truth and such could do more harm than good.

In this post, we will be looking at the basis of problogging, the business behind blogging.

 21st Century Bloggers Are Not Publisher But Digital Entrepreneurs

I believe this is an area that most struggling bloggers have missed it, they think or assume that they should be writer (and the best so to speak) and in turn miss out of the real stuff of problogging. Yes probloggers do publish various type of content from blog post, infographic, eCourse, eBook and podcast, but they are not just content producer but entrepreneurs building a business using content.

It was Richard Branson that said that I wanted to be an editor or a journalist… but I soon found I had to become an entrepreneur in order to keep my magazine going.  Just few weeks ago, I was watching a video in which Robert Kyioasik explained how he marketed his first book, but he said something that captivated me, He said he was not a writer but a entrepreneurs that used his books to build his business. He had a financial game to sell which was quite expensive and decided to write a book and use it to market his product.

Concept of Content Marketing

Am sure you have heard the phrase “content marketing” In order to appreciate what I have been saying – content marketing is simply using of free contents to market, generate leads for your business which will likely translate to sales at the end of the day. It basically creates the popular three phrase reaction among your audience: know, like and trust and can be leveraged to create cheaper buzz for your future product release and create sales qualified lead (SQL) for your business.

So it is important as a blogger to not just embrace the idea of being a writer but also to embrace the idea of an entrepreneur – building a business with contents. Many have failed because they only visualize themselves as writer, content publisher and blogger.

This is the first foundation of problogging – a change in mentality of who you really are and what your blogging endeavour is all about – YOU ARE AN ENTREPRENEURS THAT LEVERAGE CONTENT & MEDIA TO DRIVE SALES TO YOUR BUSINESS. This brings me to the second point.

Business Behind the Blog

We have established the fact that probloggers are not writers, content publishers but entrepreneurs. This singular fact also implies that behind every successful niche blog, there is a business – business model (please don’t tell me it is advertisement because advertisement suck big time except your blog is a news blog)

Let illustrate this with an example: a freelance web designer may decide to setup a blog and start blogging about website design, setup and maintenance with the purpose of generate lead for his business and serve his existing customer base. To an outside, you may likely not see the business visible at every page of the blog, but with time you will come to discover the business behind blog.

To drive this point home, most SaaS blog are setup to provide value to prospects and existing customers and in turn drive signups to the SaaS product. The purpose is simple to DRIVE SIGNUPS by providing awesome value to targeted market.

Virtually every top blogger has a business behind the blog, the blog is simply an inestimable and huge asset that drive the business.

Business Behind the Blog & Facebook Similar Model

You might be wondering what does Facebook has to do with all these, Facebook like most successful venture has successfully implemented this concept and it is important for us to analyse it.

All of us make use of Facebook from time to time either for business purpose or social purpose. But most people see facebook as just a social media, yes that is true but not the complete truth. From a business point of view, Facebook is an advertising company that drive its business through its social media platform.

For facebook, their real customers are the advertisers while the typical users are the reasons why advertisers approach them for business. In summary the facebook platform is simply a platform just like a blog, the facebook users can be likened to as to a blog audience but the real business of facebook is advertisement.

Choosing a Business Behind the Blog

The importance of having a business behind your blog can’t be overemphasised but let’s look at what kind of business should a blogger setup behind his blogging endeavours. Basically there are three simply basic viable business models that every startup blogger should consider. It is also important to note that you may not actually figure out the nature of business at the beginning especially if you are starting.

NB: Each of these models can be diversified to sub models and product but that is not in the scope of this article.

  1. Digital Product: This is one of the principal ways of making money online especially among internet entrepreneurs. This could range from an eBook, software, app, eCourse, membership etc. The reason why this model is the best compared to every other model is because of the scalability attached to this model. Due to the distribution power of the internet – you can serve more people with less effort. You invest time and energy to package a product maybe an eBook and you can sell it to as many people as possible with more return.
  2. Render Premium Service: Offering premium service to your blog audience is wonderful and can serve as a path to understanding the problem that there audience have which can become a valuable development tool for future products. Although this model lack no scalability because in order to earn more: You either increase your price (there is a limit to that, you have to consider your audience and niche) or you serve more people (there is a limit here too, because as a human being you are limited in terms of time and energy) I believe that premium service should serve as medium for discovering problems and develop a digital product to solve that problem.
  3. Affiliate: light has been thrown on the importance of having a digital product, but trust me, build a quality digital product especially software products can take quite some time and resources even for eBook – you need the expertise in order to deliver value to your buyers. In case you are busy or you don’t have the intellectual resource (expertise) or your digital product is still in development mode. You can still earn a decent living even from selling a product but in this case helping a product creator sell his product for a cut of the sales price.I have already believed that advertising suck big time especially as a business model for niche blogs, yes it may do wonder for news blog that enjoy lots of page views. But it can’t be matched with affiliate. Think about it, advertisers simply advertise their own products for few bucks but affiliate gives you the opportunity to take a cut of the sales price instead of few bucks.


Every successful niche blog has a business behind it, most top blog makes 6 digit figures but that is not a coincidence or chance but by the growth of the business behind the blog. It is paramount that niche bloggers to change their view and visualize them as internet entrepreneurs that uses contents and media to grow their business. This perspective can change you and your blogging endeavour.

I have heard most bloggers talking about treating your blog as a business but I believe with this concept and mentality of seeing yourself as an entrepreneur and not just a blogger can help drive the required business perspective into your business (blog). It is time to go back to the draw board and fix things right. I leave you with this saying “You are not a content producer, you are not a blogger, you are not a writer, you are an entrepreneur”

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