About Us

ContentOptin is a simple WordPress lead generation tool for implementing content upgrades in WordPress site. It was designed purely for bloggers and solo entrepreneurs that understand the important of email list to their internet businesses.

Genesis of ContentOptin

The idea of ContentOptin first came to me in 2016, when I wanted to implement content upgrade in personal blog and noticed there was not WordPress plugin that met my taste. Due to this – i wrote a simple script to help handle content upgrade but with a lot of workaround but still limited and required a lot of code editing. It was then the idea to build a content upgrade plugin came to me.

I didn’t pursue the idea then because I was fully occupied with my freelance career and my launch of micro finance cooperative banking application to micro-finance cooperatives located within my area. In 2017, I decide to purse the idea of building a content upgrade tool.

Redefining My Career

Since 2012, I have always dreamed of running an internet software companies – targeted at bloggers and solo internet entrepreneurs, but was not able to pursue the idea due to several issues among which are freelancing stress, looking for the next big idea. Freelancing to me was adventurous but was never my true calling as a web developer, yes freelancing gigs commands a lot of buck but has it downsides such as the feeling of being drained.

I decided to take a break from freelancing and focus more on my micro finance cooperative banking application and on launching an internet software business but I encountered another challenge – what idea to pursue. I decided to conduct a research on business idea – Paul Graham’s articles helped. It was then it dawn on me – to start with a technical problem I have encountered in the past one year.

I was able to come up with list of problems that I believe technology could solve but among the list – the only one that was  appealing to me was building a lead generation tool, this was because of my personal preferences. This was at this point, I decided to pursue my idea of building a lead generation tool but I decide to start with a niche and then  grow from there.

SaaS or Downloadable Product

The first version of ContentOptin was a SaaS, but it never saw the light of the day – this was based on two reasons:

  • Running a SaaS Application requires a lot: from server management, optimization, product development, product support and marketing. I believe that running a downloadable software business is require less compared to running a SaaS App
  • SaaS App is wonderful, but I have always had admiration for downloadable (premise) software like Microsoft Windows and many others. Call me old school but I believe that SaaS can’t solve every problem – it comes with it own limitation plus I believe that there will be always be a market for downloadable software.

Then I started working on developing a WordPress plugin of ContentOptin – it was then I realized that the ideology of lean startup and developing MVP was hard to define and at the same time adventurous.

Team Behind ContentOptin

Basically, I am 100% responsible for running of ContentOptin – from product development, product support and marketing. Although I have the assistance of two other independent contractors, but much of the workload rest on me. From my experience of freelancing and running a microfinance cooperative application  – I consider product development and product support as my strengths.

Based on these strengths, I believe with help of quality feedback from ContentOptin’s awesome customers – I can develop ContentOptin into a robust and complete lead generation tool for WordPress community.

Sorry, if this About page don’t conform to the standard professional company about page, you have encountered in the past. Personally I believe those page sound too abstract and lack identity, so instead of following the same route  – I decide to tell my little story behind ContentOptin because I believe in the power of storytelling in connecting with our fellow human beings.

Wow, you made to this point, thanks for reading, if you have any further question don’t hesitate to send me an email at hello@contentoptin.com.

Mark Ugwuanyi