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Are you a publisher or a blogger? Are sure you will probably answer “a blogger” but don’t be too quick to answer this question until the end of this post after reviewing the business model that drive your blogging venture. You might be saying to yourself, I am a blogger, but just as the great ..Continue Reading

As you probably know, I am an advocate of having a business behind your blog, this has been the practice of most successful blog businesses around the world. Richard Branson said  I wanted to be an editor or a journalist… but I soon found I had to become an entrepreneur in order to keep my ..Continue Reading

Yes, you read that right, probloggers are not publishers, they are not writers. In this post I will be exploring the core side of a 21st Century blogger that transcend beyond writing and publishing of content. It will help shape your perspective on what make successful bloggers who they are today. Professional blogging has become ..Continue Reading